The "Trask" Desk

The “Trask” Desk is my first endeavor in the pursuit of creating the perfect desk, a journey that began years ago and will continue for as long as I am making things out of wood. This is a desk that begins a saga, which is why it is named the “Trask.” 

John Steinbeck wrote a generational epic, titled East of Eden, chronicling the Trask Family through three generations, which denotes the possibility of moving beyond fatalism to take control over our decisions and have dominion over what kind of people we become. 

Coincidentally, my father, who proclaimed similar themes to me, grew up on Trask Avenue. The design and execution of this desk serves as a grateful nod to the family I come from, the book that helped bring me to where I am today, and those who will come after me. The “Trask” is built to last with a solid wood frame, and metal legs. The next few generations will be able to sit at "Trask" desks to read, create, and write the things that will change the generations to follow after them.

Aramis 3.JPG

"Aramis" Coffee Table

This table is for those who refuse to let the digital age force them to get rid of their physical copy magazine subscriptions and books. Inspired by Shaker furniture with clean lines and hard angles, this coffee table is named after one of the Three Musketeers for two reasons. The first, Alexandre Dumas originally released the story of the Musketeers periodically through the newspaper, La Siecle, at the same time the Shakers were producing the predecessors of this table’s design. The second reason is that Aramis, the Musketeer, was a devout priest who believed in the fight for the people. However, his version of revolution was fueled by a hyper intelligent, well-read view of the world.

Aramis, the coffee table, inspires a culture in which people not only read periodicals and books, but refuse to let the world tell them to how to do so.  The magazine rack is sturdy enough to store coffee table books as well, so as to not obscure the showcase that is the top of the table.

dusty 2.jpg

"Dusty" Night Stand

This night stand is the "Dusty," receiving its name from the singer Dusty Springfield. This is fitting for two reasons. 1) It's styling cues are taken from the furniture and muscle cars of the era when her songs would be listed on the Billboard Top Ten. 2) "Dusty" just might be the only night stand that will ever reach you or teach you. 

Mixing mid-century modern and automotive trends from the sixties, Dusty will feel right at home amidst its perennial peers from the era when American made meant built to last and furniture design was choice.


Custom Cabinets

Design can vary for each cabinet. Whether it is to house your favorite collection, or a Cherrywood Media Cabinet with a Reclaimed Sliding Barn door (shown above), JB helps his customers design cabinets both functional for the desired purpose and fitting to the decor of their home.


Modern Dining Table

Simplicity is key for this modern design. Table top is attached to a sturdy frame that features angled corners, slightly rounded edges and inset end-skirts. The steel legs are locally fabricated and available in either a raw, or powder-coated finish. Each set of legs is designed by JB to bring an eye-catching modern industrial feel to a textbook modern design.


X-Base Trestle Table

This fusion of 'modern' and 'rustic' exhibits a balance between contemporary design and old world construction. Drawing influence from monastic refectory tables, the X-base utilizes a thinner side profile, and straight lines with slightly rounded edges to achieve a perfect blend into the sleek lines of the table top.